Brought a box of toys for the Audi yesterday. Can you see her smiling? I think she’s smiling.

That reminds me, I need to give her a name. I was thinking something German would be fitting, and was really thinking she would make a good Elsa... but Frozen kind of ruined that one. Maybe Heidi? Bernadette? Hmm.

Anyway, got the engine stand and mounted everything up. Had to remove the clutch and flywheel, which were pretty damn stubborn, but a few good whacks with a BFH and the clutch freed up.

Plenty of life on that clutch disk still. Oh well, still being replaced.


Big, very heavy dual mass flywheel. I wouldn’t be surprised if this thing was pushing close to 30lbs


The cheap ass Harbor Freight stand holds! Also, this shot makes the Allroad look weirdly short...

Damn, what crappy pictures. I think I need to clean the lens on my phone.

Next step is to start pulling everything off the front of the motor and start on the timing belt. That will have to be a weekend in itself at least.


Any ideas for German names for this rugged lady?