Expedition Allroad -- Squeeky Clean Internals Edition

If those pristine, gloriously glistening, tantalizingly lubricated camshafts don’t get your blood flowing, then I question your Jalophood.


That’s right, I finally tore into the new engine for the Audi. For those just tuning in, I bought an Audi Allroad with a blown engine (timing belt snapped) and acquired a replacement from a B5 Audi S4.

I tore down the front of the engine yesterday, pulled off all the accessories, replaced the water pump, the thermostat, the thermostat housing, one side of the cam seals along with the cam chain tensioner gasket (PITFA), and valve cover gasket. I was only able to do the seals on one of the heads because I ended up only having enough cam seals for one side (the others are on order).

Cam lock bar engaged

I replaced the infamously problematic thermostat housing with an Aluminum one from. The one that was on there wasn’t cracked, but the sealing edge was pretty worn down on one side, so I didn’t really feel like taking any chances. Seeing as how you pretty much have to do a full timing belt job in order to get to it, I’m glad I did. Peace of mind is a beautiful thing.

New hottness VS old and busted
Timing belt and cam gears off, t-stat housing and water pump on. I love shiny new parts.
Insert wincing face while pulling the cam sprockets
The old timing belt looks brand freaking new
Mmmmm rust. Looks more like buffalo sauce than anything else...

As you can see, it was pretty damn rusty anywhere water is supposed to go. Unfortunately this is just a fact of life with an iron block that has sat for a few months without running. All I can do is clean it up the best I can, and then I’ll be flushing it frequently once it’s up and running.


It looks like the timing belt was done somewhat recently, which is definitely a possibility with a ~80k engine. Oh well, this is not something I want to bother with again, so might as well do it right when it’s out of the car and have easy access to everything.

More misc. camshaft porn:


Jesus, 5 valves per cylinder! German over-engineering at its finest!

That’s all I’ve got for now. Some day this week I’ll be doing the cam seals, valve cover gaskets, and cam tensioner seals for the other side, and then putting the new timing belt on as well as the new idler pulley and tensioner. Then probably a day in itself installing the turbos, and finally I’ll start tearing apart the Audi to scavenge a few parts I need off the old engine, and I can drop this puppy in!


Fuck, I’ve got a lot of work to do.

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