Expedition Allroad -- Tuned, Racked, Driven, and Dirty

Oh, and I finally joined 2017 and made an Instagram. #Shameless

Been a while since I updated you guys here, so I thought I’d do that. I had a check engine light from the engine swap due to my old engine having secondary air injection and the new S4 motor not, so I had to get a tune to exclude that value to the ECU... and why not get a Stage 1 tune while I’m in there, right? Pulls pretty strong now.


Somewhere along the way I played in some mud:

Also threw a rack on her:


Also took a random orbital to the headlights, which very badly needed to be cleaned up:

And that’s about it. Otherwise I’ve just been driving it and doing little things here and there. Way too much stuff going on lately to really work on it, but next order of business is to install the skid plate I bought and eventually get some new wheels with the correct offset and get rid of these spacers.


If anyone’s interested, my build thread is here: http://forum.expeditionportal.com/threads/163500-Project-Expedition-Allroad

And I’m ExpeditionAllroad on Instasham. Not to brag, but I’m already 14 followers deep. #blessed

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