The F150 is in the shop for some work that is getting covered under warranty (10 speed auto woes). So they graciously provided me with this biggly big Expedition.

It’s like driving my truck, only it feels a little smaller from behind the wheel. The lack of separation between body and cargo is noticeable and results in a more composed feeling from behind the wheel. The suspension is similarly soft vs. the F150. I wouldn’t say it is more plush, and at times it feels a little harsher from what I can tell.

It has the 3.5 EcoBoost, which I had seriously considered when I got my truck, but I opted for the V8 instead. Lots of torque down low but not as much action on the top end. Starts from a stop are less urgent than the truck (lack of boost?), but the torque hits hard a split second later.


Overall I’m impressed. I could see myself getting one of these if I needed seating for 6-7 in comfort (hopefully this never happens).

Feel right at home from behind the wheel - there is a lot shared with the F150 here, which makes complete sense.


Aybeill see how much stuff I can pile into it this evening.

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