There are NO Top Gear Patagonia spoilers in this post but there is this picture

Which is a drone shot of the ferry taken to Tierra del Feugo and what you will notice is that, aside from the fact that you can't actually see the 3 hero cars in this shot is the huge proportion of not-hero car to hero car; 11 support vehicles in this shot alone.

I produce video and film for a living, I have done for years and I'm an amateur overland driver and so I know a few things about:


Expeditionary travel

Despite this and as a credit to the excellent production values of the BBC and the acting credentials of the of 3 hosts, every-time they do one of these large expeditionary specials the feeling is truly one of independence, that they really doing it on their own. I will admit to, at times, being fooled into thinking...well that looks totally doable! Just look how are they going so well through the jungle, desert, arctic, etc. How are they doing it that in unsuitable vehicles when all that I read and see tells me that you need to equip even the most hairy chested expedition vehicle to bursting to even think about attempting such a trip?


In the show, and no its not really a spoiler, they reveal that the crew is 31 people in addition to 4 tons of nothing but camera gear and other supplies that need to be brought home.
31 people!

Then think of the logistics! The paperwork, the spares, the food, the accommodations, etc, etc. It boggles the mind! Which is why in the real world, no...just no. You would never make it with such ease, and in cars like that, but it makes for great TV!

Does this huge caravan party make the journies less impressive? no, if anything I am more impressed with the cordination of such a camp while still being able to maintain the illusion. I hugely respect the planning, direction and production of such a massive party like this.


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