Although it is a known issue with the Super Duty trucks, I have never had one try to murder me until today.

So, in case you did not know, the Ford Super Duty pickups have a solid front axle. An issue with a solid front on a vehicle is the greater possibility of what is known as death wobble, which is a violent shake in the front end resulting from many causes, often worn components. It is fairly common with the Super Duty, and it has been an issue for years. The problem is, there are a variety of ways to fix it. The other problem is, not every truck will wobble. I’ve driven countless SD trucks now, both gas and Diesel, across numerous model years, and have never once had it happen.

Today it happened 4 times in the same truck, twice while on the interstate.

It’s terrifying.

You’re just driving along, minding your own business, when suddenly you feel as if you’ve driven into a paint shaker which is inside a concrete mixer. It’s violent, it’s sudden, and it can possibly make you lose control. Why? Usually nothing more than a bump in the road or a pothole. I’m glad I knew ahead of time that these trucks can do this, and it is a thought in my mind every time I get behind the wheel of one. I managed to calmly bring the truck back under control whenever it happened, even as difficult as that is.


My method? White knuckle the steering wheel, let off the throttle, and slow the truck with steady braking. All while looking in every direction around to know if I have a possible exit route from traffic. The shaking seems to get much worse before it gets better, and usually stops around forty MPH.

Here’s a good example of SD death wobble. This is an older truck, about an ‘06. The truck I drove today was a ‘13, so it is possible with any of the SD trucks. It’s also common on multiple other vehicles, like heavy duty Dodge pickups and Jeeps like the Cherokee (XJ) or Wrangler