Semi-rant semi-question after the jump. Have a Cuda for your time.

So in my internship, outside of our regular duties, the interns have been split into groups and been given the task to come up with an idea and find a way to implement an idea to improve sustainability at the company we work for. Skip to the bottom for jist of things.

So we had our first meeting in our group today as a brainstorming session. Someone came in with an idea already in mind and pitched it, his idea was urban gardening. Now, its a brainstorming session so that kind of thing is fine. But this guy pitched it hard and people were starting to get on board, again mostly okay. The issue came when they immediately went to how to implement it, deciding that this was the way to go. At this point I bring up that we have no other ideas, and that their plan has an extremely large amount of variables for not even having any other ideas, they ignore me. At this point its 8 against 1, everyone is totally on board, but me. They keep talking about doing it, I bring up all the variables individually, they dont care. At this point I’m getting frustrated and a bit angry and say “What do we do if this fails, completely, nothing salvageable at all. What do we do then?” I know it was rude, but I figured that might get people to come up with other ideas. They tell me to chill out and calm down, and go back to talking about their “plan”. At this point I figuratively throw my hands up and figure that I will have to wait for it to fail to have change. At the end of the meeting the person who managed to wrestle leadership into his corner decided what we need to do is determine what land is ours (what they want to use isnt ours), go to the city and see if we are allowed to urban garden (probably not), and go and get an urban gardening consultant to assist (way outside our scope and authority).

So anyways, the TL;DR of the whole thing is we have a group of 10 young people, most of which are all trying to take point on a project and refusing to consider variables or other options. What can I do next time so I dont blow up again, and possibly get people to listen?

One guy did end up agreeing with me, too bad it was after the meeting that he told me.