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No. Not that explorer.

The other day I was wondering... The explorers 500+ years ago set off to find a new route to india to get tea and spices.


Let’s say America was not there. How many miles would the direct new route be from say spain/england/portugal to india vs the old way?

I don’t know much in the way of navigating earth. I am sure one has to loop around shallow waters and reefs and resupply somewhere friendly so enemy don’t kill you.


If you go around south africa, it adds up to more than 11,000 miles.

If you go through mediterranean and red seas, it adds up a bit under 6000 miles.


If you go the new route, the longest trip through pacific leaves you no resupply stops. And of course, attlantic to pacific (no america in this query) also leaves you nothing. That’s 14000 miles without resupply or there about... if you don’t stumble into japan or some other island along the way.

All in over 17000 miles. That’s just crazy. 

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