Exporting a plug-in hybrid from the U.S. that used federal tax credit?

Here's something I've been wondering about. I've been wanting to purchase a plug-in hybrid - most likely a Chevrolet Volt. Prices in California seem much better, and I've got a friend who is able to get me a very good deal. Now if the previous owner of the vehicle purchased it brand new and applied for a federal tax credit, how does that work if the vehicle is then exported to Canada - especially if the person has already received the tax credit?

I checked the regulations for the California rebate, and it says that the vehicle has to remain in California for 30 months after purchase. So what would happen if I were to purchase a vehicle from an auction that someone else had purchased new, and applied for the rebate? Would they get a bill in the mail, or would I get nailed when importing the vehicle to Canada?


I'm almost split on whether to go for a very good deal on a 2012 Volt or to wait for the 2016 Volt. By a "very good deal", I mean a high mileage Volt for $10k+ USD. The cheapest ones I've seen up here are still $24k CAD (albeit newer and much lower mileage). At the same time, the 2016 doesn't require premium gas. I suppose if I did get the 2012, I could drive it for a bit then sell it, and go for a 2016.

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