Edit: I think most of this is shit luck and is likely piston slap.

How is it that one of "the most durable straight 6s ever made" always develops a rod knock before 130k?

Both of my parents Rubicons have cold knocks and they have been babied their entire lifes. The 360 in my dad's Wagoneer has started knocking and my Wagoneer is in a million pieces because I don't have enough time to work on the damn thing. That's 3 goddamn jeeps with rod knocks—only a small fraction out of the multitude of Jeeps my family has owned that have knocked.

It's times like these when I start to remember when my dad wrote an angry letter to the president of Jeep because he was dissapointed in his new (at the time) XJ Laredo because it was built so poorly.

Or when I remember that "durable and strong" motor in a different XJ that threw a rod going up a driveway. Or all those CJs that couldn't make it out of a mud hole and were always broken.

Or the "old faithful" Gladiator that burned more oil than gasoline.

Or the expensive snaps that Dana 30s make.

Jeeps are useless, expensive, small and so heinously uncomfortable that I don't see why people would even want to use them on pavement. They are only fragile toys and have never failed to let me down.


They are good for absolutely nothing. They are literally the Harley-Davidson of the car world. Even their owners wave at one another to show their collective misery.

Now I know why people put Chevrolet guts in these damn things.