Took my Golf in for its 75,000 km service this morning. Shortly afterwards the dealer called back to say I had a radiator leak. Surprising, particularly since I drove it 1000 km over the last 3 days and didn't notice any change in engine temperature.

Service advisor doesn't recommend driving it tonight while waiting for replacement rad to arrive so I'm hoping to get into a loaner, but will likely need a courtesy ride instead.

Fortunately my warranty covers it all so that makes it the 3rd repair it's helped with (A/C condenser, weather stripping) and goes to show that you'll never know how a CPO vehicle is treated before you get it.

Picture of my car in one piece for your troubles. Also my drive home yesterday was 4 hours of rural roads with lots of twisty sections and passing areas so I ended up following another Golf for about 2 hours of spirited driving. Girls in it waved as I drove past later haha