I just found these guys and I have a new bestest friend.

http://www.speed.com won't resolve, so this will have to do.

The Must! Ultimate Driving Exciting Drift Extreme Racing is what I figured would be the hyperkinetic world of Japanese TV applied to serious motorsport.

Give them a year and I think they're ready for a Top Gear Tokyo.

Or distract yourself with the unrelated but similar in hoonacy car nifty, which I think, if Google translate is applied, is Jalopnik with RHD and brighter colors.

Vertical drifitng needs work. The North American Redneck Rollercoaster is much superior. But they're new to the sport.

I think I'm vertical drifting right now. (Perhaps NSFW, but they don't fall out, and how SFW is full throttle race clips anyway?)

And some stupidity that makes me feel the committee may award the next Top Gear franchise to Japan: LOL without any mistake drifting.

Open face helmet, naturally.

feel free to follow the white rabbit.

Drift Extreme Youtube channel