F-150 Did a Mustang

This morning on my way to work I came upon an accident. Single vehicle, single occupant, no injuries, but the vehicle - a last-gen F-150 - was damaged and immobile. Fluids all over the ground and the right front wheel was properly borked.

I’m no vehicular forensics expert, but I’m pretty sure I know what happened.

The driver was (most likely) entering the state road (that I was on) from a side road; both are paved. The side road enters the other at a sharp angle going in the direction he was going, and it starts up a big hill in that direction as well. The side road ALSO comes down a very steep hill, then goes a little below the grade of the state road before the junction, so you kind of go up over a hump at an angle as you enter the state road. THEN, there’s a little bridge right there immediately after the intersection, which has been recently - and hastily - repaired, so it’s a big bump up and back down as you go over it. Here’s a picture:

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SO. I think the driver came down the hill, looked both ways (there’s pretty good visibility both ways), saw it was clear and hit the corner a little hot. Maybe got a little wheelspin because RWD pickup, then hit the bump up onto the road, or that of the little bridge, and around came the rear end. The truck hit the guardrail of the bridge on the right front and stopped right there. No airbags deployed that I could see, and the driver was still inside and talking to another person who was just ahead of me. He nodded and gave an OK sign, so I didn’t stop.


A little too much throttle in a light-rear-end RWD vehicle and another factor pushing that rear end up and around, BAM. Pulled a Mustang.


Maybe they can get a new truck from that place in Alabama...

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