F-250 update

Due to working so much, I haven’t done much with the truck. (‘99.5 F250 7.3 4x4 with a super cab and long bed)

- Replaced the A/C condenser, evaporator, and accumulator (they were all leaking.) Unfortunately I forgot to put a new core seal around the evaporator after I popped it into the housing. Luckily I haven’t put in all the tiny screws back into their insanely difficult to reach locations, so pulling the evaporator back out won’t be too difficult.

- Found a taker for the ladder rack. I had no use for it, especially since future plans call for a pop-up truck camper.


- New rear tires because both were low on tread and one was separating. Fronts still have a lot of life. By the time it needs new front tires I’ll be ready to go with a suspension update, and a bigger wheel/tire package anyway.

- Cranking the truck seems to take longer than it used to. It wasn’t an issue with the batteries, they’re new and have 850CCA each. I’m going to be ordering a scantool so I can check the injection control pressure. Something tells me that like everything else under the hood that the injectors are original (meaning they have 247,000 miles on them) and the poppet valves could be too worn out.

- Since the truck hasn’t been getting many miles on it since I bought the allroad, I’m going to install a Schumacher 1.5A battery charger under the hood, and wire it so that I can plug the truck in from under the bumper.

- Still planning to take the cab apart again and add more insulation, but it will wait until work settles down.

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