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Ran into a lovely piece of shit on my way home. Ninja 300, expensive helmet, shorts and a tee shirt.

Appearently, he needs a 100 yard buffer between him and the next car when HE is Lane splitting. I move over a lane after seeing him, he gets all pissy, rides next to me for half a mile making all sorts of hand guestures, and punches my mirror, and runs away.


Dude, seriously? I ride these roads every freaking week on a bike with service costs more than your fucking 300. If ANYONE knows how much space to give a bike it’s me.

All I’ve got to say is he’s lucky it wasn’t anyone else but me, because they would have put him in the ground. If by some miracle your reading this, come replace my mirror while I polish the chicken strips off your tires.

Appologies oppo for the venting

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