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F@h Server

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Precision T7400 Workstation. Dual Xeon quad-core 2.0 gHz procs and 16 GB of RAM. Comically large case, but lots of room inside to let the 1080 Ti breathe. And 1000-watt power supply... I have the OS installed on a 80-GB Intel SSD, one of the first, that cost something like $179 when it was new. I’ll keep it out here in the shed so it doesn’t heat my house. I’ll reinstall the 1060 in the PC at my desk. It’s a more comfortable fit and much less warm. I’ll be pushing 2M PPD...


I might install a second GPU in this big box, but it’d have to be one of those hybrid jobs with a radiator because two big GPUs up next to each other, how would they breathe?

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