The stancenayshun -14.5 lies
It’s a AAA card so that’s fitting.

No turning back of these quarter panels, they are being widened by about 1.75-2" using the advanced Eyeball and Hammer Technique (TM).

Also, I lied about the the tire it’s actually going to sit 12mm inboard of that, top photo is two spacers for an offset of -14.45mm bottom photo is one spacer for an offset of -1.75mm. I’m bending the wheel well out to fix some rubbing issues/unacceptable poke, it will also make room for a fatter tire soon.

The -2 offset that I’ll run


Since Ive began sanding the last good bit of paint on the car, this marks the beginning of a never-ending struggle to clean up all of the cars dings before paint.(Going to be various shades of Rustoleum Smoke Grey for the next 2 years)