I didn’t think frat bros could piss me off any more than they already do. Sitting at a traffic light after seminar when all of a sudden an air horn starts blaring, then a second one joins in. I’m looking wildly in my rear view mirror trying to figure out where the firetruck is, when I realize that it’s not an emergency vehicle, it’s a Chevy Colorado and an F-150 with train horns. They’re weaving through traffic while laying on the horns. They get up next to me and continue to do this for the next three lights... did I mention there was an extremely intoxicated chick in the passenger seat of the Colorado, because yeah that too.

I’m fuming, and my left ear hurts.

I wrote down the Colorado’s plate number and called the police department when I got home.

I’m so done with this college frat bro bullshit. They have no level of basic human decency, and ruin everything they get near.

Not actual truck, but similar.


So yeah, I’m angry, tired, and my left ear hurts. I’m just done Oppo. I graduate in 2 months, hopefully I can get away from this particular breed of assholes.