9 hours. 9 hours without power last night. Came back on at 2AM. $700 and a quarter tank of gas later I got the last generator in a 30 mile radius, but still my basement flooded due to the lack of power to the sump pump.

It was filling the crock when I got home and I knew I had very little time to find a genny, but since we’ve had non-stop rain and outages for three days, EVERYONE was out of stock. I had to travel a whole county and a half over to find one, and even THEN I got the Last One. But hey, it’s Mighty Car Mods Approved!

Overkill and overpriced for what I needed... I guess it’ll be good to have in the future though

But it was too late.


I have soggy carpet, squishy laminate, and about a half of inch of water because though I HAVE a floor drain in the basement, it drains into the laundry/water softener crock for the lift pump. No power to pump that out either. So after an hour or so of setting up the generator, running extension cords, switching between the lift and sump pumps, pulling up carpet, and squeegeeing, I got 1/4 of the basement somewhat dry.

Why only 1/4? Because the stupid floor is graded AWAY from the drain! So my shop has standing water, some of my FIL’s albums are probably ruined, half the carpet in the rec room is toast (but hopefully nothing else), and the laminate in the office had to be pulled up to dry the floor underneath it. UGH. Here’s a quick sketch of my basement layout, and the path the asshole water took:


So what happened to make me hate trees? Well according to the Facebooks I found, a lady’s two old trees had enough of all the rain, and we had a storm blow through at 5pm last night with tornadoes and errthang, and all it took was a quick gust of wind and the trees went down.

There’s also a parked truck under there, somewhere


From the home/tree owner:


But hey! It’s also the 13th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. How do I know that? My oldest daughter turned 13 this morning since she was born during that crazy night of flooding in the south.

Through all this I found time to take her out for Birthday Breakfast, and they made her this cute little cupcake: