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F, Marry, Kill.

Or what do we call it here? Track, Daily, Crush?

Anyway, someone posted about bourbon yesterday, and since today was Monday I decided I’d start the week off right with some proper boozing.


This is a very unscientific tasting.....tried them all neat, with samples before and after I ate some Chinese food. Let me say I am not any kind of bourbon expert, I just like to drink.

Initial sampling:

Four Roses was hot, not a surprise since it’s got more alcohol than the other two. I usually drink it with a cube, but I was surprised just how much burn it had compared to the other two.


Woodford....nice nose as always, just a hint of oak and a good finish. This is my go-to, usually in an old fashioned, and I forgot how smooth this was neat.

Eagle Rare (10 year store pick somethingorother). I had bought this a while back, tried it while a bit buzzed, and forgot about. It’s really good....has something in the nose other than the citrus/orange that I can’t identify, but I like it. A little oak in there as well....decent finish but not as solid as the Woodford.


<GTI = General Tso Intermission>

I dropped a small ice chip in Four Roses...what difference. The vanilla came out and it had a nice, almost spicy finish to it. Not sure I ever used this in an old fashioned, I’ll have to try that.


Eagle Rare has some sugary leather(?) thing going on...I like it. It’s more in the nose than on the tongue. I wish it lingered more at the end. It actually comes off as a much more approachable Four Roses.

Woodford is just solid....lots of nose and flavor and you taste it end-to-end. I even got a little coffee in there somewhere, not sure I ever tasted that. Then again might have been the espresso I had this afternoon repeating on me.


So, lets get one thing straight: These are three good Kentucky ‘burbs, you can’t go wrong. I like Woodford best, but surprisingly the Eagle Rare comes in second with the 4Roses last because I still have some burn from the first taste.

I’ll try all three again with a cube later tonight or at a later date.

(FYI - my Old Fashioned’s are pretty simple.....two dashes of bitters, very little simple syrup, a splash of soda water/seltzer, and a lemon rind)


Here’s a car:

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