An addendum to my first post of the day. Got my first rear-ending (love tap or whatever) on the way to class this afternoon.


Here’s what happened, I get off the freeway and have to wait for a slow ass Suburban to pass so I can get on 11 Mile, but as I look to my left and watch the truck slowly pass, I see a black car coming around the corner too hot. It may be 40F and a semi-nice day, but its still wet outside and they didn’t slow down and next thing I know, thud! I just got hit by a newer Malibu.

Of course her and I got out of our cars to make sure the other was okay, but I was a dumbass and forgot to get their info; not that it’d make much a difference because Michigan no-fault or whatever. It was still a dumbass move on my part.

I’m perfectly fine, she hit me at around 15-20mph. And arguably the damage could’ve been worse (scrapped down to substrate and golfball sized indent). But I sure as hell did not need this today, I’m already anxious about an exam and presentation this evening.

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