F1 Driver Musical Chairs

So while we “know” what many of the lineups look like I wanted to toss my ideas out there on the last few remaining question marks to see if I am right come the end of the season.

Alfa: Kimi + Giovinazzi

Ferrari: Seb + “Sharl Eclair” (thanks Reddit it will take a while for that to get out of my head)


Haas: K-Mag + Grosjean

McLaren: Norris + Sainz

Merc: Hamilton + Bottas

Racing Point: Stroll + Perez

Red Bull: Max + Albon

Red Bull B: Kyvat + Gasly

Renault: Danny Ric + Ocon

Williams: Russel + Latifi@

Presuming no major shakeups Latifi (and his Dad’s checking account) gets the other Williams seat and Hulk is out of F1.


Eddie Jordan level predictions start below:

Seb leaves Ferrari for “reasons”its starts a whirlwind of insanity. I’m going with Hulk as number two guy who doesn’t do stupid things. That is unless Danny Ric plays the Ferrari card which I’m torn over as its clearly a number 2 drive but it is Ferrari.


Kimi says F this I’m out, As far as I know Ferrari doesn’t really have another Junior guy in the works with a super license so this becomes a complete wildcard as the F2 ranks aren’t terribly deep this year. Hulk could land here as well.

Renault: If Danny Ric (see above) leaves who are they giving the seat to Jack Aiken? I don’t see Hulk coming back


RB B team: Does RB have anybody left in the development pool or is truly Gasly’s seat to lose?

Feel free to post your own thoughts or debunk mine.

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