In honor of Brian Silvestro having just watched "Senna" for the first time tonight, I have chosen what I feel to be a fitting counterpart. Alain 'The Professor' Prost โ€” I'm sure some of you are now getting the Senna v. Prof joke from the most recent episode of Tooned โ€” raced for some of the best throughout the years including Mclaren, Ferrari, and Williams and won four world drivers championships. His nickname came from his overwhelming technical know-how when it came to setting up a car and his subsequent exacting and calculated perfection when he got one set up to his liking.

For those that have seen "Senna" but don't have much other experience with this era, you might have a bit of a clouded/negative feeling about Alain but don't let that single view point determine your opinion; Senna wasn't a saint and Alain wasn't a bad guy. Don't make any mistake, Alain was a F1 driver and WDC 4 times over, so it goes without saying that he could be selfish and brash and act wrongly but so does anyone with that talent, mindset, and position. At the end of the day, there are those who call Prost the best driver ever and there is certainly a good argument that folks can make to back that up โ€” hell, at the very least, he is a Frenchman with an OBE. Either way, no matter your personal opinion, there is no doubt that Prost is part of a small group of 3-5 drivers in the 'best ever' conversation and his story is definitely worth knowing.

On that note, getcha popcorn and turn your phones on vibrate. Turn down the lights and turn up the volume! Welcome to the LNO Theater. Enjoy: