One would think that after Massa's outster was announced and Raikkonen signed with Ferrari that F1's silly season would be full speed ahead. Red Bull was very ho hum about Ricciardo and it was a bit of a surprise that Kyvat is slotting in at Toro Rosso, but the biggest surprises have hit in the last week.

Quantum Racing tells Lotus to sign Hulkenberg. No deal finalized.

Massa is in at Williams and Maldanado is out. Where does he take his money from here? Does he have any money left? Massa is NOT a pay driver apparently. Bottas is confirmed as his teammate.

Rumor has it that Mangusson is IN at McLaren and that is going to leave Perez out.

I'm curious if Perez will land back at Sauber. Curious if Di Resta will be back at Force India.


oh and the big news? Raikkonen out for the rest of the season after surgery. Who will replace him at Lotus?