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F1 Silly season--for engines

Sauber to not have Honda engines? Maybe stick with Ferrari? No, maybe they’ll get Mercedes engines and McLaren will have Ferrari engines? Nobody will have Hondas?

Dang, if I were Sauber, the Honda money would have been too tempting. But, like McLaren, sponsorship dollars continue to evaporate when you’re horribly uncompetitive, though most small teams, a $100 million/year contribution from your engine supplier is way more than what most small teams have to spend in a season... McLaren, on the other hand, was used to spending closer to $300 million/season for a couple decades now. Maybe I can understand how being uncompetitive and losing sponsor dollars along with their slice of the F1 pie being greatly diminished due to poor results is an issue with McLaren, considering what they’re used to. But $100 million for a team like Sauber that hasn’t done well since BMW split with them almost 10 years ago is nothing to sneeze at.


As is often times the case, the goings on behind the scenes in F1 is just about as interesting as the on track happenings.

Though, for my part, hearing Sauber-Mercedes again would be cool. Mercedes is the reason Sauber got into F1 in the 90s, but were quickly abandoned for McLaren. The Sauber-Mercedes partnership was forged in the late ‘80s with a successful Le Mans effort. At the same time, if Peter Sauber were still running the show, one would have to wonder if bad blood from that unceremonious split would prevent it from happening.


This is going to be an interesting silly season, not only for engine partners but also for drivers. I doubt Kimi is going to stay at his seat at Ferrari. Who’s going to fill in there? Perez? Grosjean? Alonso split with McLaren due to being too uncompetitive? Will Mercedes keep Bottas? Some big names in the shake up this season.

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