Welcome to OppositeLock's own Formula 1 open technical discussion! The one thing that separates Formula 1 from any other motorsport is the absurd level of engineering and aerodynamic advancement that the teams push on each other, and we are here to appreciate, discuss, and revel in the beauty of design on the current limits of speed.

Open discussions in the comments section are welcomed and promoted. I will post a few pictures that I've found interesting on a particular race weekend, and hopefully we'll get some great discussions stirring!

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix



Vertical strakes on top of the diffuser to channel the airflow from the coke-bottle zone and the exhaust.


New vent exit seen next to their coanda exhaust exit; this is closed off in other pictures.



Williams ditching the coanda exhaust layout, and perhaps preparing for the 2014 season when the diffuser won't be defended from tire squirt by the blown exhaust.



Mercedes testing their passive DRS. I think the second channeled exit below the monkey seat is funneling the hot air out of the engine compartment. Does anyone know if passive DRS systems are banned in 2014; I doubt this if Mercedes are testing this system this late in the season.

Red Bull


Just amazing.

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