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F1 wants 2-strokes with bio fuel.

Motorsport Magazine reported this. I guess they feel a threat from Formula-E. F1 wants to be carbon neutral and improve noise, something Fe has none of, and do it by around 2025. I know two stroke power has developed quite a bit since the 500gp motors, but still, this is at odds with recent announcements from Mercedes and Audi on ending ICE development. (But VW group hasn’t ended it for all branches)


How do you think this would build up? I’m thinking about varying ratios and strokes of the above picture for higher rpm with turbos antilagged by electric motors, perhaps even a three row mini Napier deltic type. That type works as two stroke by using charge air to blow out all the exhaust.

Iwould love to see F1 finally lift design restrictions such as mandantory vee angles, max bore limits, max cylinder counts. If BRM lazarusses and wants a 24cylinder 2 liter deltic, let them I say. Makers like Subaru have been kept out of near everything by mandantory vee engines or cylinder counts.


If they keep nanny revs out, we could see massive industry interest. But the F1 money won’t allow that, I think.

How about you?

With direct injection tech at hand, we have quite an exciting prospect.

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