F100 Chassis Swap Ideas

So a common thing in the classic truck world is chassis swapping for a modern powertrain and reliablity.

I’ve always been into this, and as of recently I’ve been thinking about my favorite truck off all time the second gen F series trucks that were produced from ‘52-’56. These trucks would be a dream to own to me and they aren’t expensive to get into when the only part nessasary that really isn’t reproduced in whole being the cab, which you can then buy very much available patch panels for.


So my question for oppo is what modern body on frame would be a good match for the f100.

Requirements for the chassis:

Newer than ‘89

Fuel injection

Most importantly thought is that the chassis’s have to be close enough to even be considered. You obviously cannot use a newest generation f series due to the massive differences in size between the two not just in cab but in length and width of the frame.


Im definitely not someone who cares what brand the chassis comes from so if it’s a Nissan or whatever I really wouldn’t care, the only requirement would be a quality powertrain with aftermarket backing.


(Not that I currently have the money to build this truck, hopefully one day being that I’ve dreamt of a f100 for quite a long time)

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