F12018 on sale, don't mind if I do...

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Steam has F12018 for $24. Since I hear Santa is bringing me an Thrustmaster TX for Christmas, I’ll go ahead and pickup F12018 a few days early. After playing through F12016 and F12017 on an Xbox One and controller, I’m looking forward to F12018 on a capable PC and wheel set up.


In related news, I’m off work until the 8th, so I’ll have some time to mess around with this. I might have to pick up Project Cars 2, also. Other plans for the break are a four or five days in Albuquerque with the family, bringing my Dad’s miata back down with me for timing belt job, tune up and maybe a good Svending and doing a bit of stucco repair on the parapets around the garage. I’m intentionally not working on another room inside the house over the break as houselopnik project. We’ll probably start that up again later in January with the living and dining room area.

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