My father is looking to ditch his 335GT in the near future (hooray!) for a pickup. He’s been looking at F-150's because they’re “giving them away.” So he says. Whenever I hear about dealers saying oh we’ll take 8k off the sticker, it’s always a situation where it’s like “fuckin’ right you will because the “sticker” value is loony.” Similar to when a retail store is going out of business they jack up all of the prices and have a “clearance” sale.

Now I have nothing against the F150, I quite like Ford trucks. I currently own one, and I’ve owned one other and 3 explorers. However, my father will be like most pickup owners and put little more than his golf bag in the bed 90% of the time. In addition hes up around the 40k mark on what he would spend on a new truck. When I heard that I thought the same thing that a lot of you just thought. “He could get a brand new, nearly loaded Taco for that kind of cheese!”

So that is what I told him. It wasn’t really on his radar, but after I mentioned that it would probably be a better vehicle for the type of things he would do with it, he was interested. I went on to mention that the resale is insane, and that it is a much more manageable size. So we’re going to go drive one as soon as tomorrow night. He’ll be looking for a crew cab. Not sure that he cares about the length of the bed, but I mentioned he should shoot for the longer bed (apparently not available on the top two trim levels of Tacos)

He’s already driven an F150 (XLT I think) that was somehow nearly 50k (sticker). He liked it, but mentioned that it felt huge.

So Oppos who you got, and what trim would you go with?