If Korea gets added to the 2015 F1 calendar, the sport's journey around the world is going to look like this (click to embiggen). I included the flight to race 1 in Australia from the UK, where 8 of the teams are based.

Because obviously it makes perfect sense to go from China to Bahrain to Korea to Spain.

Why not go to Asia in two different halves of the year?

Let's be crazy and put Canada in amongst the European races!

I don't know how stubborn the circuit owners themselves are about dates and whatnot, but it would be nice if they could try to organise it to be nicer for logistics...


And yes, I know somebody makes this point every year. At least they put most of the American-continent races next to each other...

Personally, if I had free reign, I'd try ordering it like this. It starts in Europe where the teams live, also heading in that general direction before the summer break with Russia, after which it starts reaching out to the other corners of the world. Apparently Asia is less torrential in the summer months, so I put those there or thereabouts. We want rain, but not too much rain ;-)