Installed high pressure oil crossover lines, fuel crossover lines, and the Ford Motorcraft ‘severe duty’ intake. The 7.3 is running smoother and a little quieter than ever.

Took the door panels off, cleaned out the huge amounts of dirt on every surface, and installed new speakers.

I’ve found a few interior upgrades on the eBay. I scored a sweet pair of seats that look almost brand new, and one of the sound insulation panels that goes under the glovebox. Now I need to find the equivalent panel for the driver’s side, and a nice center console to put between the new buckets.

When the new seats and console go in, I’m going to strip out the interior again including the doors and add more insulation. May take down and replace the headliner too.



The A/C system received a new clutch assembly, but it also has a significant refrigerant leak. What a pain.



The front end shakes when driving. It shakes at 30mph on smooth roads, and it shakes so violently at highway speeds that it’s downright frightening. I’ll know more this weekend when I jack up the front and do some poking around, but I think the front end rebuild will happen a little sooner than I was expecting.