F30 328i Loaner : What I Think

In white with an 8 speed auto. 2014 model. Read at your own risk. (Not actual car poorly pictured)

Positives: Real handbrake. Pretty powerful. Somewhat better looking than the beige alternatives. Pretty fuel efficient. RWD, but with no traction disable option.


Negatives: This is my first time driving a truly sophisticated slushbox. I can now say that there isn't a single AT I enjoy much, whether it's a DCT or 8AT, or whether going slowly or at full throttle. However , it's a very good transmission, though it's annoying how it has a couple too many gears to deal with. This 3er also sounds like my grandmother's Rav-4; I maintain that even with some extra off-idle torque, the range of turbo engines is a bit uninspiring. Lots of body roll (chassis sits higher and suspension is softer compared to the E90). Interior is very meh. Some rattles, dash creaks incessantly, but nicer than anything I ever expect to own. MPG gauge<Eco light...

Conclusion: More than ever, that is one damn expensive badge. Get it with 3 pedals if you care just a little bit about driving and have two functional legs. Still an objectively nicer car than I, a masochist, would ever DD. Being a luddite, I'd say that the best lifetime 328i option here would be to take an E36 328i (which performs about as well) and completely restore it.

Now look how tiny that red car looks next to a Focus coupe. I don't know how. Focus Coupe. Still sounds almost as bad as Gran Coupe.

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