Question the first. I have a metal abrasive chop saw, and like many people before me I am discovering that I hate it for metal work because of its inability to cut straight despite my best attempts.

Can I put a ferrous metal toothed cutting blade on it? or do I need another saw?

I have a black & Decker 3935 chop saw (3800 rpm) (also a dewalt apparently)

Illustration for article titled Fabrocobling advice
Illustration for article titled Fabrocobling advice

This warning seems to suggest that I should not use a toothed blade for blade speed reasons.


Is there an option for a high speed cutting blade? or am I looking at a new device for cuts that don’t suck.

In which case the question becomes: if you could buy only one cutting device, what would it be? (I already have a grinder with cutting blade, so not that)


14 inch toothed chop saw?

Handheld metal cutting bandsaw?

Horizontal metal cutting bandsaw?

handheld circular saw?

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