Unless you did, in which case good for you. I didn’t. I thought I had. I suspect a lot of people are that way but get lucky.

What I mean is this. I thought I did my research, I looked up many how-to’s and thought I had my servo install nailed. However, because I failed to check for things that could go wrong, I ended up with a servo that looks like THIS:

That’s the result of not checking first, and not following up hiccups others have had. There’s a snap-ring there that holds the servo cap on. I hadn’t seated it properly. I had read that it was a pain to get on, but it went on quite smoothly for me. I thought. Turns out I got the ends in and it felt like it snapped in, but the outside (opposite the cut ends, the body of the “C”) never fully seated. End result, that side of the cap gave way and the inner housing for the 2nd apply piston is jammed in the bore at an angle. If it wasn’t for the heat shield (not pictured, I’d already removed it again), I’d have lost a lot more than tranny fluid.

Live and learn, I guess. Figured I might as well share a lesson that could help others here. Do your research thoroughly. Don’t just look up how-to’s, the people who wrote them had everything go smoothly—look for potential problems as well. If you see a common hiccup, even between installs that were successful, follow it up and see if anyone has had bigger issues from the same source.


Sad GN for your time. I just wanna drive something, and most of all my truck.