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Facebook advice: Not always great

I should have taken a screen cap before I deleted the post, but I didn’t. Today was a long day of working on the Disco, which included some confusion about this little chap I found hanging out in my headliner.

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Photo: Akio

Sure looks like a ground to me! It is hanging off the wireless receiver for the key fob, so it not being terminated might explain the woeful fob range, frequently measured in inches, not feet, I’ve had since I bought the car.

Tentatively, I used a jumper wire to connect it to ground.

Range was not improved. If anything it might be a bit worse?


Ok so I checked the wiring diagram, which insisted that my receiver only has two wires attached to it, not two plus this thing.

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Illustration: Land Rover


So I made the same mistake I always do and asked the Facebook Land Rover group.

Quickly I received an authoritative response that OF COURSE IT IS A GROUND CONNECT IT DUH!

Only... I did some more science and attached a long wire to this ring terminal on one end and left the other floating...

And my wireless range was about doubled.


Pretty sure this is Land Rover’s half-assed attempt at an external antenna?

I’m going with it.

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