Facebook Update

My dad’s Canyon since this post is about him. I need to take newer, better photos of it.

Earlier today, I posted (and soon deleted) a frantic post about a problem I was having with Facebook for an online project. As a college student, I don’t use Facebook. There aren’t any Greek or school organizations I’m involved with, so there’s no need for me to have one.

Though my teacher made it sound like he’d excuse my lack of a Facebook (I told him what happened), my dad wanted to help me out. Bored at work and having a bad day, too, he took the time to create a burner email, a Facebook account for me, and a page to run with. Posting carefully (waiting a few minutes between posts), I was able to satisfy my rubric requirements. There was only one suspicious activity notification, and it was one that sent a code to my dad.


I submitted the “project” several hours ago now, but I wanted to provide this good update to a scenario that had me angry and in a panic. I’m super thankful that my dad took the time to do that for me; it helped me out a lot.

On a side note, I really want to drive the Canyon somewhere. It’s a nice truck (except that it starts with a key haha). Even my Ford friends want to see it. 

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