When restoring someone’s bookmarks in Chrome, one of the bookmarks was ‘youtube - google search’ as in, someone wanted to see a video of some sort, presumably; went to the address bar - now also known as the place you can directly google search from - typed in ‘youtube,’ ok that’s fine. But then. In case this person was afraid of being able to find youtube again (?!?!) they bookmarked the page. And no, not youtube itself. The google search results page for the term ‘youtube.’ Also next to that was a bookmark for google.com. Which is also the home page. And one of the frequently visited pages in the tiles below the search field is... youtube! Of course!

It’s like printing directions on how to operate your window blinds and posting them to the window behind the closed blinds. Then posting a note on the inside of the blinds saying “open blinds to read instructions” I can’t even.


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