FACT: I Was The Only Decent Driver On The Road This Morning.

Speed limit, 50 MPH, but 25% of the drivers were going 35-40 (with about 20 car lengths of free space in front of them). 25% of the cars were playing real life F&F and cutting around the slow drivers like they were running from The Rock driving a 3,000 horsepower MRAP.

49.999% of the other drivers were just driving around with their heads up their own asses, which is actually quite impressive considering visibility in that position is virtually zero (and it showed). Trying to change lanes when there’s already a car where they wanted to go, slamming on the brakes at the last second instead of a steady normal braking move, etc.


Then there was me, the guy that didn’t get the memo regarding today’s morning rush hour theme of “Dumb And Dumber Three: The Drivening”.

God help them if I end up gettin an F250 4x4 with a brush guard for my next vehicle.

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