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Fact: When you don't have all the information, you make mistakes.

Assertion: BVR can't be used practically in war.

Warning: Not Safe For Life, this is an accidental gun kill from an A-10 on a British tank expedition in Iraq.

They were on a mission to take out some artillery trucks and came across some tanks where they thought no friendly forces were. Fired on the tanks. Twice. Received radio from base that there were friendlies in the area after they fired and killed someone.


There are many reason I do not believe BVR armament will work as a practical means of fighting battles if we need to work together. And there is no way to fight without dividing the workload. Can't just fire a bunch of target finding missiles over the horizon and fly away without making visual contact. Military pilots are trained to make visual contact before and after each shot is made.

"BVR" is merely a media sensation that deters potential enemies from fucking with us, something along the same lines of "we'll drop a nuke on you if you get out of hand". But of course, we'd be destroying their neighbors and everyone else in that hemisphere, while we get nuclear winter.


I remember having a conversation with a friend about whether or not these advanced BVR sensors and missiles can be used. It's possible to take out a target prematurely, but it's not like targets in real life are labeled with red or green as it is in video games. If you accidentally take out civilians or allied personnel, you would likely feel as bad as this guy (POPOV35) at the end, even if you escape criminal prosecution.

Feels bad, man.

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