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Factory Five Cobra: Update #2

Well it's been a little while since my last update so I thought I would share my progress once again. It is really settling in that this is going to be quite a lengthy process when it is all said and done. Here is what we have accomplished thus far: After much frustration we finally got the front suspension bolted up and installed the Wilwood disks/calipers (these will probably be overkill considering the fact that the car weighs practically nothing but everyone knows big disks + red calipers = cool) After browsing the forums for a little while, we decided to paint all of the aluminum panels black so that they would contrast nicely with the pop rivets and then secured the front F-panels in place as well as the front of the drivers foot box. The pedal assembly came next and we just dropped that unit in today…it looks like there is going to be little to no extra room in that foot box for resting your feet while driving. That's basically all I have to share as of right now. Yesterday the rear end got delivered but it needs to have a bracket welded in place so we are currently waiting on that. More to come.


Update #1...

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