In today’s edition of dealing with Police in Northern Virginia, this article was published by the Washington Post. I’m absolutely baffled.

From the Reddit comments in the Northern VA subreddit,

“Holy shit I’ve interacted with this Hogue lady before. She kept tailing me in her Crown Vic (which looks like an unmarked police car, with the laptop on the dash) until I pulled over at the Giant in Vienna. She said I was going too fast and if I was in Fairfax County, she would have pulled me over. I explained that she was tailing me and I was trying to lose her because that was suspicious as fuck, and she said “next time you are being tailed, call 911 and they will explain that I am a police officer.” (actually good advice)


Problem was, she wasn’t a cop, and I didn’t realize that until I later called FCPD to file a complaint about her behavior. I explained the issue and the Lieutenant was perplexed because “Vienna is in our jurisdiction, FCPD can pull you over there even in town limits.” When I gave her plates, he said “ummm that’s parking enforcement.” I had my dashcam running, so although you couldn’t see her, you could hear her saying she was a police officer and all this other shit. I got in touch with Lt. Long, her supervisor, and he basically said that she wasn’t totally lying because VA Code grants them the title of “conservators of the peace” which is sort of the same thing... but he agreed that she was acting totally inappropriately.

TL;DR this specific ‘officer’ is fucking overzealous and thinks she’s hot shit and has been formally reprimanded before.

EDIT: Here’s the audio, if anyone’s interested.[1] I realized I’m not under any obligation to not share it. I sound like a little bitch, but that’s because until after she left I actually thought she was a cop and I was just trying to polite my way out of a ticket.”

What the hell is wrong with this woman? Why hasn’t she been fired?

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