Some of you may have seen my post from last Wednesday. For those of you who didn’t, a family from our church was hit head-on near Tallahasse, FL by a young man in an F-250 who had lost control in the rain and crossed the median. The father and two of the kids were killed, the 3rd child had injuries to both arms, but will recover fully and the mother was unharmed.

The parents of both the mother and father left immediately from our hometown in NE Iowa and drove straight through (~27hrs) to FL to be with them.

Yesterday the young girl was released from the hospital and they were cleared to return home to Iowa. Over the weekend someone from our congregation donated the money for all of them to fly home so they wouldn’t have to drive.

Around the same time that they were being released, 4 people from our church community left here to drive straight through to FL, pick up the car, and drive straight back, a round trip of over 50 hours.

From what I’ve seen around here in the last year and half, I know many of you Oppos wouldn’t hesitate to do the same thing if it happened in your community.


The world we live in may be an awful, broken place, but there are still many, many, good people in it.