Faith in Rust Restored--Thanks Ranger

So my son came home and said the 97 Ranger which I am letting him drive was making a funny noise. I look and there is a major list on the left rear. Having been under the truck before I know the leaf spring mount or bracket is pretty rusty. Investigation show that in fact the bracket has collapsed.

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I am expecting a lot of rust with the repair and I am not disappointed. Every piece that needs to be removed is corroded in tight. Much grinding, drilling and cursing follows.

Apparently these things rust out on a regular basis, because the part is in stock at the local chain store.


So once everything is off things will be easy. Of course not. The bolts through the frame, the backside is blocked completely by the gas tank. I have developed an ingenious system to fish the bolts through by wrapping fine wire around the threads and pulling them through.

Score so far, 1-1, one bolt through, one buried in the frame. Job was supposed to be done today.


Fact that it is 8 degrees out and most tools are at my mom’s while I build garage does not help. Time to quit, hopefully finish tomorrow.

The frame is solid, so that is good.

Why is rust the rule on 15-20 year old trucks, and more of an exception on 15-20 year old cars?

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