Given the popularity of King Platinum Luxury Ranch Edition trucks on the market, I kind of assumed finding a truck with a bench seat would be:

A. Impossible

B. Relegated to only the crappiest trim levels or only in regular cab models.

I am pleased to report that not only could I find one of the 5 trucks with bench seats, but I found bench seats in ALL the half ton 4 door trucks I looked at and not only that but I could get them with some decent, if not all, of the fancier options. Sure it locks you out of some stuff but I was able to get all the stuff I wanted. Even still, they all ended up being $41,ooo trucks.

All the same, it feels nice to know that even with the relatively sparse selection from Toyota and Nissan that you can get a 4 door 6 person truck these days.

Backstory: My brother in law’s family is 6 people and he wants a truck for family surfing and adventures out west, trying to find a 6 seat truck with 4wd, and in decent shape has been proving difficult (mostly due to the lack of search refinements). He wants a 1st gen Tundra but those are very tricky to find in 4 door 6 seat 4x4 configuration