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Falkens vs. Kuhmos

Graphic: Interwebs

I know, I know. Don’t cheap out on tires. Thing is, when you live in the desert southwest, driving on roads that are typically well over 125 degrees, and the tires themselves are constantly getting beaten by the sun...yeah, tires never last more than two years here. (Maybe they do for trucks or something...I guess those tires are different.) I was pretty happy with the Falkens that came on the car, but it’s come time to replace them. I can get Ecstas for...quite a bit cheaper. I remember Kuhmo Ecstas being talked about in Sport Compact Car magazine (back when that still existed) as a decent tire, especially compared to pricier brands. Then again, that was over a decade ago. Does Kuhmo still make decent rubber, or do I need to stick with Falkens, bare minimum? What say you, internet experts?


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