I just sold 3 vehicles and an old Miata turbo kit in the last 4 days

Got rid of the Aero 50 I picked up at a garage sale last year, got it running right, but haven’t really ridden it at all with the Ruckus also in the garage.


Sold the Aprilia, cool as it is, can’t really see myself riding it much if it’s sharing time with the Grom.

Sold the 1.8 Miata turbo kit I picked up a year or so back when I thought it was a 1.6 kit.


And sold the mototrip VTX. As much as it was a great bike for the trip, I can’t really see myself riding it around town with how heavy it is. The photos from my trip certainly made for pretty epic ad :p


Feels good to be back to the core collection of beaters again, and to have all that space back in the garage! Probably won’t last very long this time either seeing as we are rapidly approaching motorcycle fire-sale season.

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