My cafe project that I completed previously has been a great bike to ride, but has not been issue free. One issue that has been happening more and more frequently is the transmission popping out of gear (happens in 3rd, 4th, and 5th). Happens during hard acceleration, light acceleration, even coasting in gear I’ll watch the RPMs drop to idle and I’ll know it’s not in gear anymore. From what I’ve read on forums, in order to fix the problem it’s going to require I split the cases, replace dog clutches, gears, potentially even undercut the gears, tasks which I am not prepared to attempt on a 42 year old motorcycle

The engine has always been lacking power for my riding style. I enjoy twisting the throttle and having the power launch me almost instantly (comes from 20+ years of riding dirt bikes). So I’ve decided to redo the cafe bike and parting out majority of it. Plan is to use a donor bike to swap over the engine, transmission, electronics, intake, exhaust, etc, everything but the body work and suspension, wheels and brakes are a maybe as I do have a set of supermoto wheels and tires that are likely a light lighter. Debated using a modern FI bike as a donor (likely a CB500), but the biggest issue I have found is with the fuel pump, since they are located inside the tank and the CB750 just does not have enough room inside for a pump, nor does it have enough flat surface on the tank for installation of the pump. So carb bike it is, and decided I plan to do so with an XR650R (hence the project name). The bike makes tons of low end power and torque, exactly what I want to have. The electronics are extremely simple since the bike is kick start only (no battery), and the lights run directly off the stator. I have a few in my area for sale around $2700-3500, so it’s not a project that will break the bank especially after I part out both bikes. Going from the 750F motor to 650R will save over 100 pounds to the bike itself, which is a lot when the bike currently tips the scales around 520 pounds.