I’ve heard it put that a gauge of a good car is how much it makes you want to drive like an ass. There are two schools of thought there: What is your definition of that? And, When is it appropriate to exploit this?

By my definition of that, it’s the feeling that it gives you when you do things you probably shouldn’t, but you are not doing anything to hurt anyone else. It’s when you are on a desolate sand road, with no houses around, and you are drifting each turn. It’s taking a crest a little to fast. It’s digging holes from a launch in the sand. It’s the echoes through the woods, hearing the exhaust note bounce off the trees.

That’s what the Slowrunner thrives off of. It isn’t a good daily driver. It isn’t fast. It isn’t efficient. It turns you into an ass. It takes every slide with ease. When you crest that hill too fast, it doesn’t slam back down, it just settles. Launching in the sand provides you with a small spin and then a hook, where it actually feels quick.


After five years, I get it now. I finally understand the obsession that I had for it. I say had, because as some of you know, that spark was gone for a little while. It’s back.

As I described it a few years back, it’s a wonderfully awesome piece of shit. I could not ask for a more awesome piece of shit. Here’s to another five years.