By PC, I mean Personal Computer, not Politically Correct. I am not a professional proceed at your own risk.

As stated, I am playing on the PC, of my own design. I have put around 30 hours into it so far and I felt like sharing my feelings on my experience so far. I am playing at a pedestrian 1920x1080, Ultra Quality and full AA/AF. Relevant specs are AMD Vishera 8320 8 core at 3.5 GHZ, AMD 7850 2 GB and 8 GB RAM. This is by no means a beastly machine but it’s respectable for the resolution I’m using.

Graphics: Fallout 4s predecessors weren’t exactly juggernauts of visual fidelity. Fallout 3s graphical quality ranged from poor to adequate. Fallout New Vegas ranged from adequate to acceptable. Fallout 4 on the other hand is actually good looking. The Creation engine adopted from Skyrim does a good job at rendering the world. Textures are vibrant and clear. Environmental effects are convincing. Frame rates are smooth. The Commonwealth is a great place to explore as a result. However what continues to be a low point is the spotty quality on NPCs. This really only is noticeable during conversations.

Sound: I find this to be a traditional high point in the series. Bethesda continues to create amazing ambiance in the retro future through the radio in your Pip Boy and even just the ambient music. Weapon noises are satisfying. As is some of the inane NPC chatter.

Gameplay: There are a number of changes and additions in this sequel, some of them are good, some of them not so good in my opinion. The main fault I find in this area comes down to the lack of explanation as to the new features. The biggest addition is the introduction of player generated settlements. This gives the player opportunity to make a more visible impact on the environment than you could previously. Where that gets complicated is that there are a lot of things that can be built, but no real introduction on how to do so. There is also an in depth crafting system which allows modification to weapons and armor. At least most of it doesnt degrade anymore. Personalization is great and I love adding scopes to things. However, combining the settlements and modifications together and you’re turned into a human vacuum cleaner, slowly emptying the Commonwealth of its Wonder glue and Desk fans instead of exploring. The next big change is that Power Armor is no longer treated as equip able armor, it’s essentially a vehicle that runs off a finite resource. In theory this should make using Power Armor an occasion and special instead of just end game gear. In my experience, I just never end up using it, just like all those potions in Skyrim, because I’m always saving it for when I “really need it”, which never happens. That’s also because I don’t know that I need it until in 3 floors deep in a Super Mutant infested vault and it’s too late. Ultimately this just makes the game more tense. Then there is VATS, which no longer stops time. It slows it down to what feels like half speed. I suppose this is to add urgency, but it kind of removes some of the RPG element, most of the time I end up ignoring VATS and playing as a straight up FPS, more like Borderlands, which doesnt detract from the game in anyway. Also in VATS, critical hits are queued up not random. Commodities like ammunition and health items are in general less frequently found which makes the game feel more survivalesque. I haven’t experienced any major bugs, just the usual Bethesda oddities which are more humurous than game breaking. The perk system is much more transparent as you can see all of the perks you could get to. Ultimately, any of the changes that you don’t like are easily ignored and you can really play your own way.


Final thoughts: Best modern Fallout so far by miles. The Commonwealth is beautiful and you can make a difference out there. Fallout 4 feels faster paced and more tense than its predecessors. Definitely worth the money.